Expo Exclusive Program 2021

Let's do this again! Building off the success of the past four years, we are once again offering our Expo Exclusives program, offered only to manufacturing exhibitors during this year’s Expo in Columbus. Take advantage of this opportunity to give Wholesale Buyers a "before the Expo look" at your pricing deal, quantity discount or an exclusive product.

Participating Exhibitors Package Details:

  • EXPO EXCLUSIVE printed program listing of your opportunity, sent out to all wholesale partners prior to the show.
  • EXCLUSIVE attention-getting, call-out signs at your booth.
  • Recognition of your participation will be noted on the EXPO website.
  • Callouts on the printed and digital versions of the EXPO floor display map, available to all attendees.

Marketing / Printing Terms:

  1. Must have all images and descriptions for marketing your opportunity uploaded to the nasgwexpo.org/exclusive website page by October 1st.
  2. Your deal and details can be sent as print-ready artwork or created by NASGW at an additional fee. See artwork specifications (below).
  3. Proofs will be sent as digital PDF files prior to printing. All proofs must be approved by you and NASGW prior to printing.
  4. Failure to provide final, print-ready artwork by the October 1st deadline forfeits the marketing of your opportunity by NASGW and its partners.

Artwork Specifications:

  1. Final size - 8.5" W x 5.5" H, Horizontal Format
  2. Bleed - minimum .125"
  3. CMYK, print-ready PDF preferred, minimum 300 dpi images, fonts converted to outlines.

Non-acceptable file formats:

  1. Publisher
  2. Word

If you have questions or concerns regarding the Expo Exclusive deal, please contact Meg Pawelski: mpawelski@nasgw.org.

NOTE: We will work with your creative or agency to the best of our ability to provide an outstanding product and answer any questions.

Upload your final artwork for your exclusive deal. Thanks for taking part in this year's Expo Exclusive program and we look forward to seeing you in Columbus.